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    Akuamma Seeds (Picralima nitida)


    Akuamma seeds or Akuammine seeds are found in the Picralima nitida plant that is grown in the West Africa region of Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. The most abundant and active alkaloids in the Akuamma seeds are effective for pain relief, treatment of malaria, diarrhoea, and considered as the best muscle relaxant. The Akuammine and akuammidine are the main alkaloids found in the Akuamma seeds that is structurally related to Mitragynine  (the most active alkaloid in the Mitragyna speciosa Kratom plant).

  • Akuamma Seeds Powder


    Akuamma seeds powder is considered as an opioid, but it doesn’t exactly give the effects of dangerous opioids like others. It has more medicinal value than sedative properties. It is an effective antimicrobial, antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which works the best for your body.

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