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White Indo


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White Indonesian is white vein leave strain. It’s a specialized type and has visible white colored veins. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, a tree grows in tropical areas. As the name indicates, white Indonesian or white Indo is a native of Indonesia. Indonesian has two other strains which have green and red veins leaves. The key feature which creates a difference in effects is this vein coloration.

What are the effects of white Indo leaves?

The effects of white vein Indonesian are diverse which makes it unique among other strains.

  • The most common effects of it include stimulation, energy, and endurance. Often it is adopted as an alternative to coffee and tea for the same reason. The equivalent alkaloid level makes it a perfect choice for morning energy.
  • White vein leaves also have a potential of high nootropic effects. It can help to boost memory, sharp focus and improve the cognitive process.
  • Indonesian leaves recognized for their antidepressant effects which are observed for white vein Indo strain too.
  • All these effects are long lasting and persistent. Due to which, white Indonesian termed as one of the finest quality.

What makes it effective?

The factor which creates difference among different venation leaves is “alkaloid content.” It is naturally rich in highly specialized alkaloids which found in all strains. The difference is observed when the user experiences more than one strains. The alkaloids of specifically based on region, strain, climate and genetic modifications. The most common alkaloids, as per scientific research are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Their quantity may vary in each vein type. Additional components are Speciogynine and Ajmalicine which have a potential for muscular relaxation and mild sedation.

Is white Indonesian an affordable option?

White Indo leaves are rare. Most of the online sellers don’t have white Indo strain or supplements. For placing an order, you might need to find an authentic vendor who promises quality and genuine product. The price of white Indo may fluctuate from seller to seller. On average, white and powder is available for $12-$14 per ounce. There might be a discount offer which reduces the price. In supplement form, it is available for 20 capsules for $25 approximately. Each capsule usually has 800mg potency. You might get the further reduction of price with the bulk order from supernaturalbotanicals.com. It is an online website which offers excellent quality strains at an affordable price.

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