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Green Malay Capsules (Super Kratom)


Super Green Malay as it can be easily understood that the source of this strain is Malaysia. As it produces the number of positive effects Green Malay capsules contain the right mixture of a alkaloids.

  • Each bottle of Green Malay Capsules having 25 grams of dosage
  • Bottle contain 50 capsules in it with 500mg of dosage in each capsule contain
  • We deliver free nation wide through USPS
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Super green Malay is one moderate but extremely satisfying strain of Kratom. It has a farfetched history and facts which makes it a mysteriously excellent choice to use. The name indicates that it is from Malaysia which is true. But it is more likely to grow on the Chinese side of Malaysia which is covered with thick forests.

The local Kratom from these areas is one of the most pleasing Kratom product. It is available in powder and capsule form. Super Green Malay capsules are one highly selling merchandise which is approved by millions of the users online for its benefits.

Super Kratom is one particular type of Kratom which is a special kind of artifact. It is not a natural strain, but it follows a certain kind of modified strain which is an outcome of particular harvesting technique.

The broad sized mature leaves are selected for the super Malay strain. The extra amount of alkaloids are added into these super Malay leaves, and the result is a highly influential product. These leaves are later on the ground to make powder and then capsules. In this way, super green Malay capsules are made.

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1 Bottle (50 Caps)


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