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Sea Buckthorn Oil


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Sea Buckthorn Oil – a hope for overall health issues

Heart issue? Hypertension? Increased cholesterol level? Obesity? Liver infection? Skin problem? Stomach ulcers? Digestion problems? Arthritis? Chest pain? Dry skin? If you are suffering from any of these medical conditions, then there is great news for you! Fortunately, researchers have discovered a new oil named Sea buckthorn oil, that can solve these issues effectively. From the kitchen counter to a makeup vanity and from a bathroom to a medicine box, best sea buckthorn oil can fit anywhere perfectly because of its promising and versatile advantages.

History behind the name

Organic Sea Buckthorn juice extracted from the seeds and berries of a plant named ocean buckthorn plant. Its botanical name is Hippophae rhamnoides, which means “shining horse.” Back in the past, it was used to for smooth and long hair of horses and as a treatment for blindness in them.

This plant is bright orange in colour. However, the colour of the oil is golden yellow to brown. Usually, it is cultivated as an ornamental plant because it doesn’t require much care to grow well.

Some research-based advantages of Sea Buckthorn Oil

It has fatty acids, including Vitamins (A,  B1, B2, B9, C, and E), Omegas (3, 6, 7 and 9), Carotenoids (Lycopene, Carotenes), Beta-carotene, Flavonoids and 18 Amino acids. No doubt, this oil is of several health benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Skin Burns – some early researchers revealed that organic sea buckthorn oil could improve healing process and reduce pain symptoms
  • Heart Health – A developing study in China suggests that consuming sea buckthorn oil for 6 months can result in low cholesterol level, reduction in chest pain, hypertension and improvement in overall heart health
  • Liver Disease (Cirrhosis) – Journal of Clinical Sciences showed that taking sea buckthorn oil can decrease the number of liver enzymes, and several other chemicals present in the blood that are responsible for liver problems.
  • Weight Management – according to Dr Mehmat Oz, mineral sea buckthorn oil weight loss plays a significant role in managing weight for an extended period as compare to several other weight-loss programs.
  • Healthy Skin – oral and tropical usage of extra-virgin buckthorn oil is great for skin in many ways. It promotes skin elasticity, hydration, and regeneration. This oil is also essential for sunburns, acne and red bumps on face and the body.
  • Dry Eyes – Dr Tori Hudson suggested using herbal sea buckthorn oil for three months to experience positive results for dry eyes

Medical history of natural Sea Buckthorn

Genuine Sea Buckthorn oil used in Europe and Asia for centuries. It is also gaining popularity in the US because of its obvious potential health advantages. Sea Buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant properties. It has an old history in fork medicine and is a well-known name in Ayurvedic medicine since 5,000 BC. This oil is also considered beneficial for the diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ulcers, GERD, dyspepsia, constipation, digestive tract issues and much more.

How Sea Buckthorn oil used in the kitchen?

If you are wondering that Sea buckthorn oil is edible, the answer is yes! Sea buckthorn berry is very tart itself and its oil being pure, retains this taste. Because of its potential benefits and sour taste, buckthorn oil is used widely in making different juices, smoothies, jams, salads, vinegar, baked items and even chocolates. It shows that sea buckthorn is safe to be taken as a food item. Its daily intake can reduce the signs of ageing and nourish several tissues within the body.

Role of organic Sea Buckthorn oil in cosmetics world

Extra-virgin sea buckthorn oil is rich in minerals and vitamins. For this reason, it is significantly beneficial for skin and hair. According to Aroma-therapists, this oil is essential for reducing wrinkles and other again signs, repairing skin cells and healing skin injuries, like sunburn, eczema, and wounds.

In the past, horses were fed sea buckthorn berries for a healthy and shining coat. Since then, this herb used in many cosmetics products, including soaps, creams, shampoos and much more. It works as a natural and safe exfoliator, cleanser and moisturizer that can make your skin glowing, healthy and hydrated.

Organic sea buckthorn oil has quite pleasant and mild fragrance. It can be used as a face or body oil. This oil is also great for body massages because it has the property to blend in essential oils and increase its skin-care properties.

How to get maximum benefits from herbal Buckthorn oil?

Sea buckthorn oil can be used internally or topically, per personal preferences or expert’s recommendation. If you want to use internally, you can take 5 ml of this herbal oil thrice a day. For topical use, it is applied to the affected area. For example, the area where the skin is burned or have the traces of eczema.

Note that dosage varies for different people, so it’s a very good idea to consult a healthcare provider for getting best benefits.

Contraindications of natural Sea Buckthorn oil

  • This mineral oil is safe for adults, but not suggested for children below 12 years
  • It is an excellent idea to take a break after 3 months of using this oil because few customers reported mild side effects after it usage for a prolonged period
  • Do a patch test before applying this mineral oil all over your face or body to save yourself from unfortunate circumstances
  • Although no scientific evidence reported about its safety for pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid usage of this oil during gestation, lactation, and breastfeeding

Best vendor to buy organic Sea Buckthorn oil?

Although you will find many online retailers of this oil, Super Natural Botanicals is the best place to purchase premium quality pure sea buckthorn oil at a reasonable price.

In a case of any query/confusion about Extra-virgin Sea Buckthorn Oil or placing an order, feel free to contact customer support executive of Super Natural Botanicals via email or call for proper guidance.

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