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Rosehip Oil


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Rosehip Oil – a miraculous beauty weapon for hair, nails, face and body

Rosehip oil took a special place at the cosmetics industry due to its amazing benefits for skin and hair. In fact, famous actors and models swear by its clarifying and rejuvenating effects on the face and body. You must be wondering, where does it come from? Why is it on hype these days? Is it same as rose essential oil? Will it work for acne? Keep reading to find out all these answers.

Organic Rosehip Oil – an overview

Essential Rosehip oil, also known as rose hip seed oil, is extracted from wild rose bushes (Rosa Rubiginose, Rose Moschata or Rose Canina). These kinds of roses grow in various areas of the World, mostly South Africa and Europe.

How is Rosehip oil prepared at Super Natural Botanicals?

Extra-virgin rosehip oil is extracted from seeds and hips of wild roses through the cold-press method. This fine oil is then refrigerated or stored in a dark yet cool area to prevent rancidity. Super Natural Botanicals ensures that no heat is involved throughout the process to retain the quality of pure rosehip oil.

Is Rose essential oil similar to Rosehip oil?

Many people get confused between rose essential oil and rosehip oil, that is a misconception. Rose oil is extracted from rose petals, whereas natural rosehip oil is obtained from the seeds and “hips” of wild roses. Here, Rose “hips” referred to as small fruits that are present in the flowers.
Besides this, Rosehip essential oil has a subtle woody smell. On the other hand, rose essential oil has a strong floral fragrance. Moreover, the colour of the rose essential oil is pale to transparent, while rosehip oil is dark golden to red-orange in colour.

Quality indication of a genuine Rosehip oil and the fake one?

Here is a small tip for the quality indication of Rosehip Essential Oil. Golden and red-orange coloured oil is extracted through cold-pressed method, however; pale-coloured rosehip oil is gained from a secondary source. Note that cold-pressed method doesn’t involve any heat or chemicals and results in an original product with maximum advantages.

Nutritional value of organic Rosehip oil

Essential rosehip oil contains vitamin A, C and E, stearic acid, essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acid), palmitic acid, flavonoids, omega-3 and 6, carotenoids and trans-retinoic acid.

27 Beauty secrets of organic rosehip oil for hair, nails, face and body

1. Locks moisture in the skin, which makes it an ideal choice for people with dry and flaky skin type
2. Add glow to your skin, when applied under regular day/night cream
3. It can be used all over the body and face after sunbathe for soothing feeling
4. Works great for skin pigmentation or sunburn
5. Helps in reducing dehydration and ageing lines from the face, especially under eyes and near nose area
6. A spray of essential rosehip oil on the face can refresh and revive dull and tired skin after a hard day
7. Works best for split ends and dry or damaged hair follicles
8. When used as a night oil, it repairs the damaged skin and regenerates dead cells
9. Soothes red skin, burns, and rashes
10. Soften dry and cracked heels
11. It can be used as a pre-shaving serum to soften facial hair and prevent damage caused by friction with razor
12. Helps to blemish acne or scar marks on the skin
13. Rosehip oil even the skin tone and fades away stretch marks
14. Can be used with foundation for dewy, flawless, crack-free and smooth base
15. Mix with body lotions and apply in on arms and legs for glamorous glow on the body
16. Say goodbye to your chapped lips by hydrating them with rosehip oil
17. Repairs and strengthens brittle nails
18. Soothes the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis
19. Aftercare for tattoos – it helps the skin to prevent drying out and stimulates the healing process
20. Apply natural rosehip oil on your feet, wear socks and leave it for overnight. It will repair your dead, dry, damaged and hard foot skin
21. Nourishes damaged hair after hair dyes
22. Prevents dandruff and hair fall
23. Apply on the nappy area of babies to avoid rashes. In case of irritated and inflamed skin, rosehip oil will soothe the affected area
24. Use it after sunbathe for a glowing tan on the skin. It also prevents peeling of skin after tanning
25. Maintains the pH level of the face and body
26. It can be used as a post-treatment for bites because rosehip oil promotes even skin and soothes irritation
27. Can be utilized as an essential massage oil

How to use extra-virgin Rosehip oil effectively?

• For the treatment of skin conditions, take few drops of Super Natural Botanicals pure rosehip oil and apply directly to the affected area. Use twice a day for best results, preferably at nights. You will see promising results within 2 to 3 weeks.
• For hair issues, warm some rosehip oil. Make sure it’s not too hot nor too cold. Massage it gently on the scalp and leave it for an hour at least before washing off. Repeat this process twice or thrice a week.
• For nails, you can take few drops of essential rosehip oil and massage it on cuticle for a minute or so.
• For cracked heels, massage natural rosehip oil on your feet, wear socks and leave it overnight.

Where to find genuine rosehip oil online?

Buying original and best rosehip oil is as easy as a click of a button. All you need to do is to visit Super Natural Botanicals official website, place your order and organic premium-quality rosehip oil will be delivered to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this phenomenal oil and experience its amazing benefits.


• Don’t use rosehip oil for oral use until doctor recommends it
• Its smell may cause nausea in pregnant women, so they should avoid it
• Don’t forget to do a patch test on the inner arm before applying it all over
• Keep children away from it

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