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Red Horned


This is a great product from Thailand. It is from the family of one of the rarest strains. Its natural pain killing ability make it valuable to use it in research of chronic pain treatment. Native Thai people use it in their medication not for pleasure or entertainment. Some researchers focus on its another high performance Anxiety relief ability in treatment of mental illness.

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What is Red Horn ?

Red Horn is a rare strain. It is a unique strain which benefits you as per requirement. Red Horned leaves are diverse with health advantages. That’s why the spectrum of benefits is even broader. This quality makes Red Horn a perfect choice for most of the users.

Why Is It Called Red “Horned”?

The strain has got its name from the shape of its leaves. The leaves of this strain are horned. The shape is so apparent that it can be easily differentiated for its uniqueness.

Is Red Horn and Maeng Da same strain?

Red Horned shaped leaves are often disregarded as a similar red strain of Maeng Da. These two are clearly two separate strains. However, both of them are high-quality strains which are not readily available.

Where is it grown?

Red Horn is also a native plant of Thailand and some dark forest areas of Brunei. The growth of Horned red leaves is dependent upon various factors. They may not be available all the times. It means red is not always available to purchase. Its availability depends upon the supply from cultivation regions.

What Will You Get?

Horned shaped red leaves are f significant medicinal benefits. It is an excellent painkiller which works from mild to chronic painful health issues. It is a natural and safe alternative to synthetic painkillers. The euphoric effects of red are less, but the healing properties are high as compared to other strains. Euphoric effects are only observed if you overdose. Otherwise, it is the best healing available. Red Horn also helps to elevate energy level, enhance mood and make you feel better about yourself.

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