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Organic Maca Powder


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Organic Maca Powder – a simple solution for your complex medical issues

Maca found in the Andes Mountains, and mostly it is present in Peru. This plant is cultivated in uncongenial locations because that environment is perfect for its growth. Maca is also known as Peruvian Ginseng because its qualities are quite close to the ginseng-related plants. Maca Powder herb is also associated with mustard plants because of their similar appearance. In fact, it is equally difficult for farmers and experts of agriculture field to differentiate between both of them at first glance.

How is Maca Root Essential?

A root of Maca has powerful nutrients in it, including iron, sugar, iodine, potassium, fiber, calcium and magnesium. Due to high nutritional content, Maca is also reputed to have “superfood” properties.

Dosage Recommendations of Maca

Although no adverse side effects of Maca reported to the users, excess of anything is not okay. It is a superb idea to start using this herb in small quantity and build up the dosage gradually. ½ teaspoon is good for begin with, and 1 tablespoon is an average dosage per day. Some medical specialists recommend using Maca power for 3 months, then stop its usage for a couple of weeks and start using again.

Maca powder dosage may vary for every person, depending on their body requirements and medical history. It is the best idea to consult a doctor in this regard.

Advantages of Organic Maca Powder

  • Decrease menopause symptoms
  • Improves sexual functions
  • Balance sex hormones
  • Stimulates sexual arousal
  • Manages mood swings
  • Stabilizes cognitive functions
  • Enhances fertility in both, men and women
  • Increases bones density and provides strength
  • Speed-up recovery process after surgery or disease
  • Boost energy level for improved performance in regular activities
  • Balances nutritional deficiencies in the body
  • Restores red blood cells
  • Blemishes acne marks and improves texture of skin
  • Contains antidepressant properties

People of Peru have used Maca for thousands of years because of its amazing benefits. In short, this herb is great for overall health.

Why to Buy Organic Maca Powder from Super Natural Botanicals?

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Customer Review

I was suffering from hormonal imbalance and then I started taking Maca powder for a while. After my second trip for a regular checkup, my doctor was pleased with the result. I can see an increase in my energy level as well. I hope it will continue working as great as now.


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