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In Ancient Chinese medicine, Ginseng considered as an important plant that is used to cure certain medical issues for around 5 thousand years. In Asia, it is known as a culinary herb with a sweet undertone yet sour taste.

Chinese believe that this herb has aphrodisiac and anti-ageing properties. The root of this plant is also associated with the spirit of God on this planet, which is a delusion. Another myth is about Li Ching Yun, a Chinese herbalist, who claimed that ginseng herb was responsible for his longevity of 256 years.

How Super Natural Botanicals prepares organic Ginseng powder?

The mature root of Ginseng plant is washed, dried in sunlight and then crushed in powder form. Super Natural Botanicals ensures customer’s satisfaction by providing genuine and high-quality products.

Dosage of Ginseng powder

Complete German Commission E Monographs revealed that 1 to 2 g of Ginseng dried root powder regularly be taken for about three months to get noticeable results.

It is suggested to consult a specialist for a proper dosage recommendation.

Health benefits of Ginseng powder

  • Relieves stress, depression, anxiety and tiredness
  • Helps in speedy recovery from surgery or severe medical issue
  • Minimizes the aftereffects of radiation and chemotherapy
  • Stimulates sexual processes and sperm performance
  • Improves menopause
  • Strengthen a body to fight against cancer, cardiac arrhythmias, asthma, infections, diabetes, etc.

Chinese medical literature exposed that Ginseng herb is excellent for curbing the emotion, brightening eyes, increasing wisdom, preventing agitation, improving physical or mental stamina and work efficiency.

Possible contraindications of Ginseng powder

  • Some herbalists don’t suggest to use this herb during pregnancy, lactation, and breastfeeding.
  • Ginseng should not be consumed if you are already using hypertension medicines or taking diet supplements.

Research proves that Ginseng doesn’t show any adverse outcome if used for longer duration.

Why to buy Ginseng powder at Super Natural Botanicals?

Super Natural Botanicals provide premium quality Organic Ginseng powder at a reasonable price. You can also avail discount offers and 100% money-back guaranteed in case of dissatisfaction (Terms and Conditions are applicable).

Customer reviews

My family doctor suggested me to use Organic Ginseng powder along with a multivitamin to increase general well-being. After taking my recommended dosage in the morning, I could feel a noticeable boost in my energy level and mind alertness. This herb is surely an excellent choice for an overall health condition.

Don’t forget to ask a medical specialist if you have any query regarding Ginseng powder. Don’t increase or decrease the dosage of this herb to avoid any inconvenience.

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