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Kratom 15x Extract


Our 15x kratom extract powder packs a punch and is perfect for spicing up or “enhancing” your kratom powder products. Just make sure to watch the amount used because extracts are far more potent than plain leaf. When used sparingly and respectfully, however, kratom extracts are a popular way to add potency to kratom.

  • Imported from high-altitude areas
  • Hand harvested
  • Fresh, young, juicy leaves
  • Tested for purity & harmful substance
  • Tightly packaged is quality bags
  • 100% pure — no mixture, no metals
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Kratom can come in many forms. In its native Southeast Asia, people chewed it as whole fresh leaves. Elsewhere, dried and tea cut or powdered kratom is taken in capsule form, as a brewed tea or in the “toss and wash” format.

In addition to that, as with other herbs, concentrated forms and kratom 15x extracts are also famous for several reasons. With extracted or concentrated types of kratom, you can reduce the amount you need, which can make dosing easier and, in some cases, even cheaper.

Be advised, kratom extracts are potent, and it’s easy to overdo it. For this reason, we include a small scoop for volumetric dosing purposes.

Kratom extracts contain the two active compounds, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine primarily. These two are the most well known and essential constituents but not the only active ones.

So, many people choose to take small amounts of extract along with leaf powder to experience the effects of full-spectrum.

As speaking of full-spectrum, 15x kratom extracts are often more convenient than higher concentrations as they allow more of the “entourage effect” that occurs when more actives included in the concentrate.

Like all our other products, Supernatural Botanicals takes great care to only work with freshly harvested, high-quality plant material and extraction is done using lab-grade equipment in safe, sanitary facility in keeping with current Good Manufacturing Process.

Shipping: We do not ship kratom products to a few of the restricted US states and cities. For more information, visit our shipping page.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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