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Kava Kava Root Powder


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What is Kava Kava?

Kava Kava or commonly known as Kava is a miraculous herb. It has been used in medicines for long. It is effective for stress, anxiety, pain and sleeping aid. The majority of people use Kava for its pleasant effects. Taking Kava Kava root powder initiates a positive attitude, and it helps to overcome social fear among people who are too shy to interact with people. For this reason, Kava it is also called “the sociability plant”. The root part of kava plant enriched in bio-molecules which are called Kava-lactones.

The origin of Kava Kava root powder

Kava is scientifically named as Piper methysticum. The name has thought to link with Tongan and Marquesan cultures of Pacific Islands. The roots of Kava has the maximum potential of the plant. They are dried and made into fine powder and supplements. Powder and crushed root are used to make a traditional drink with euphoric properties. It is a famous beverage in native cultures which include Polynesia, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia and Micronesia. Kava Kava root powder drink is a ceremonial drink in these areas.

What is the strength of Kava root extract?

The strength of Kava root extract can go from weak to strong. It depends on dosage and quantity being used.

  • Mild Dose

The mildest quantity of kava can initiate gentle effect. There is no bitter taste and it only triggers the relaxation.

  • Average Dose

An average dosage of 1-2 tablespoons Kava root extract can be taken orally or as a part of the food. It helps to overcome stress, anxiety, fear and mild euphoria. It also helps to provide comfort in pain especially in joints and lower back.

  • High Dose

For the high dose, kava relieves back pain and insomnia. It is also helpful to attain an extreme pleasuring state..

Which form of Kava is effective?

Kava is available in many forms; whole root, powder, crushed root, tincture, capsules, etc. which one is the most useful depends on your requirement and usage. Powder root is used to make a drink for most authentic kava experience. Most potent form of kava is kava-lactones paste which is derived from kava farms directly. It is a full spectrum form which has approximately all 24 lactones in it. The easiest way to take Kava benefits is by using a supplement.

Is Kava root a safe option?

Kava Kava root powder is a safe choice for personal use. It has no side effects. There are no health risks associated. Even the overdosing has no harmful effects. It is a natural alternative to valium and similar medicines to ease stress. Kava root can be purchased online through trusted websites such as supernaturalbotanicals.com.

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