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Green Horned Kratom is a special kratom strain type which is famous worldwide. It is one of the rarest strains which have a unique shape. The word “horned” in green describes the shape of leaves which makes it different. The highly positive effects of horned leaves make it an excellent choice for a person looking for personality development. If you are looking for a strain which is beneficial for personal grooming and modification, green horn kratom is perfect for it.

Where it originated from?

Originally from Borneo, the green horned leaf kratom is one of the most demanded after Maeng Da strain.  It is cultivated in Indonesia and many surrounding areas. The leaves of horn have a shimmery green colour which has a shine like the emerald. This strain has gained popularity in short time, which is increasing day by day. In a few years, green horn kratom will be among the top-selling strains.

The striking effects of green horned kratom leaves

As described earlier, green horned leaf kratom is highly useful for inducing personal traits. It creates positivity and improves mood. It also enhances focus and concentration. A minor effect of green leaves is painkiller and pain management. However, it requires high quantity to react. Most of the users enlist horn leaves as the best for nootropic enhancement. It is a herbal alternative to chemically modified supplements. Sedation is also observed in some cases, but it requires a high dosage ( above 7g) to induce it. Green horn kratom can be helpful for treating sleep disorders i.e. insomnia.

Availability of green horn powder/supplements

Green horn kratom powder is available online at an affordable price. An average price for 100g greenhorn powder is between $20-$30 which depends on its supply and demand.

You can buy Green horned kratom from supernaturalbotanicals.com since it is authentic and certified vendor online. Different vendors offer slightly different price which is subjected to time by time discounts too. The supplement form is available too, but it is slightly expensive than powder form.

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