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Green Bali Powder


Our kratom is grown at a high altitude of Bali Island having heavily fertilized soils, sufficient rain, sunlight, and untouched by pollution. Green Bali kratom is usually richer in alkaloids and has a unique flavor with absolutely great taste.

  • Youngest leaves picked from high altitude areas
  • Sun-dried & processed at low-temperature
  • High alkaloids & antioxidant levels
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The island of Bali is home to some of the most popular and deeply relaxing, euphoric strains of kratom. Bali kratom tends to be more sedating and potent. Though it comes on strong and quick, it often has a shorter duration of effects.

Our green Bali powder will be slightly less sedative than the red vein, but should be just as euphoric and enjoyable!

Harvested from the beautiful island of Bali, Supernatural Botanicals chooses only the most high-quality kratom leaf specimens. You can also always count on our green Bali kratom as tested and free of adulterants, contaminants, or any filler.

We are committed to offering sustainably sourced and ethically harvested kratom. Our kratom powder products also come in a smell-proof resealable package that is perfect for long term storage.

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