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What Is An Authentic Kratom And Just How Good Is It?

Since its introduction in the United States, a lot of controversies have surrounded kratom. The active users are a healthy source of knowledge for all of us. However, the search for authentic kratom is still challenging, and an ordeal for numerous potential users.

Information and research about kratom are so limited that several potential users at large are under false impressions.

Due to this lack of knowledge, the suspicion and fear of using kratom have spread through the United States ever since this botanical substance was introduced.

Is it safe?
Does it cause dependence?
Is the withdrawal difficult?

And several other questions are common among people who want to use it but are still hesitant.

Authentic kratom is the botanical substance that is imported from its native land and offered to consumers most hygienically and securely without any fillers or contamination.

The kratom leaves imported from the Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and nearby islands.

The plant from these areas have the right chemical composition and alkaloid content that impacts our body positively.

There may be some suppliers that grow kratom in their facilities, but the real kratom is from the Asian region.

Kratom grows best in the humid and hot climate of that region. Therefore, the kratom trees grown in natural forests there are the authentic botanical substance!

What Makes Mitragyna Products Authentic?

The process of manufacturing various products requires a lot of care and expertise. When users consume these product, they feel a difference.

From the cultivation of leaves to drying and then grinding, each step requires attention.

The suppliers or manufacturers who assure authentic kratom, have to follow each step meticulously to deliver quality products.

Lab testing is another part of authentic kratom production as these tests determine safety and consumption grading for all products. All reliable online vendors always publish lab results for all their products so that users can order with full confidence.

So here’s a summary of all the things that make kratom authentic:

  • Imported from the Southeast Asian region
  • Processed on state-of-the-art machinery
  • Packaged and labeled according to the standards of regulatory authorities
  • Lab-tested and cleared for impurities
  • The transparent method of production
  • Freshness and efficacy of kratom

These factors must be present when you buy any kratom product. It will ensure the authenticity of products that contain the botanical substance.

How To Recognize Special Kratom?

Kratom grows in humid, temperate areas, and the scent of these botanicals is earthy, like the depths of the forest where it grows. You can recognize authentic kratom from its appearance, dense powder, and the aroma. The moist, fine powder kratom is available in different shades of green, depending on the vein color and region where it grows.

Red Bali kratom is dark with a reddish tinge and has a rich, earthy, and moist aroma.

When you open a bag of SNB Red Bali kratom powder, the aroma and texture of the powder are enough for you to know that you bought the quality botanical supplement.

Similarly, Green Maeng Da kratom powder has a lighter green color and the same dense aroma, which gives you a fair idea of the quality and freshness of the product.

Several substandard kratom powders contain fillers, which will reduce the subtle texture and make the powder look grainy and dry. The aroma of such supplements is also weak and not as dense as any quality kratom product.

Authentic, Expensive, and Real Kratom: Which One To Choose?

The authenticity of any ketum strain depends on its efficacy, and that comes from the right processing methods and unique packaging.

Expensive kratom products are considered to be special since the price implies a meticulous process of manufacturing, due to which it must be worth more. However, that is not always true!

Expensive kratom can be just a pricey option for something available at a lesser price elsewhere. When proper manufacturing steps are taken, they result in the real organic botanical, without any fillers or contamination.

The specialty in Speciosa products is an exclusive quality. That is only present when the manufacturer ensures that the plant is turned to products without losing any of its natural goodness during the process!

Specialty kratom is the comforting and effective supplement that is prepared with great attention to detail and presented in a way that can change your lifestyle forever!

The dedication and care in every kratom supply must make you want to say that I want to retake this supplement.

Reliable and specialty kratom sellers get the message across that you don’t just need a dose of kratom, but need to make the experience a healthy and pleasant one.

As kratom experiences are evolving, so is our way of selling.

Diversity and quality are the key players in what we offer, and this is why our products are the specialty kratom that you always wanted to include in your life.

You can find specialty kratom at many reliable online shops, but the real and authentic kratom that defines the term is only available at Super Natural Botanicals.

However, when you choose your vendor, pricing, and the reasons behind it must be clear to you. Authentic kratom, while being inexpensive, is a real kratom for all users and must be your first choice!

Price of Special Kratom

When determining the price of various ketum products, there are a few variables that come into play. Sometimes people get used to buying the same kind of products without expecting any change.

This consumer behavior calls for an innovative way to offer kratom but in different ways to make the experience special.

The variable that impact the value of your kratom supplements is:

Better packaging

If a manufacturer offers vacuum-packed bags and bottles, it means that the product inside is useful and fresh. Similarly, ketum extracts and tinctures must be packed in containers with a locking cap.

The bag quality should be such that the contents remain heat and moisture-free. The capsule bottles are usually plastic but follow the packaging standards set by the FDA.

Lab testing

The integral part of special and real kratom products is lab testing to ensure the alkaloid content and usability of the supplement. Lab testing by a neutral and third party facility has become a permanent feature of specialty Mitragyna products all over the United States.

Vendors offering free samples

This is a two-tier variable. It increases the price of kratom products for the vendors providing free samples, while it also makes other vendors raise the price to attract users to buy expensive and supposedly better kratom products.

When free samples distributed, an increase in consumers is expected. 

This marketing strategy helps set a bar for kratom sales. If a vendor is selling specialty kratom, there is a high chance they will give out free samples that users can try and buy a significant amount for their Mitragyna Speciosa needs.

State of the art facility

All kratom leaves imported from the Southeast Asian countries. The processing units in the United States are set up by manufacturers of ketum products. They ensure a safe and hygienic product that will give desired results.

The state-of-the-art facility refers to a processing unit that is equipped with the best types of machinery to extract, grind, and package kratom leaves.

Supervising teams of experts also are another ‘expense’ when viewed from the manufacturers’ point of view. Still, it is an essential part of the facility where kratom products are made, tested, and packaged.

Kratom Authentic Products At Smoke Shops

Smoke and weed shops buy various supplements from random suppliers, based on the price and quantity required. Since these shops are more focused on profits, they will buy any kratom product that is cheaper so that they have variety but not at a higher price!

There is a high chance that the kratom product you buy from a smoke shop is not authentic and contains fillers. The packaging of these products is also not sealed in vacuum bags, which might give way to the formation of mould or other impurities like dust to enter.

The freshness and efficacy of kratom depend significantly on the age of the product. The older the supplement, the less effective it will be.

While online shops ensure fresh batches of Speciosa products, smoke shops and weed shops do not guarantee new products.

If something is not sold within a few months, it will remain on the shelf in the shop. You will never be able to know how old or stale it is!

For all users, it is recommended that you buy from an authentic source such as an online shop that sells fresh and potent kratom products which are produced with care.

How To Select A Reliable Kratom Supplier

Finding authentic ketum is challenging. Still, thanks to users’ reviews on social media and interactive websites. You can shortlist online shops or sellers who have regular clientele and offer fresh kratom.

An authentic kratom supplier ensures:

  • Lab-tested products
  • Labelling of the batch number to show the time of production
  • Return and exchange offer to keep customer satisfaction a priority
  • Transparent production procedures

If your kratom vendor fulfils these requirements, then it is a reliable source for your kratom needs. However, if a vendor does not offer any details of the origin of kratom or any other manufacturing details, it is better to look for another online shop that prioritizes quality over the business.

Where Can You Buy Special Kratom?

If you search for a reliable supplier for authentic kratom online, you will see many online shops, including AuthenticKratom, which is the name of a shop.

However, names of claims to sell the most authentic organic substance does not mean that the products they offer are guaranteed to be 100% real.

Super Natural Botanicals has proved time and again that the products available are valid, fresh and therefore authentic.

Our partner farmers in Southeast Asia cultivate the fresh and naturally grown kratom. We import the dried leaves after selecting the best ones for use.

Teams of experts supervise the manufacturing units in the United States. We regularly inspect the standard of hygiene and safety,

Once the kratom powder or extracts are obtained, they are used in making other products.

The packaging of different products is also an essential step in ensuring authenticity. Super Natural Botanicals uses double sealed and vacuum packing for powders.

The heat resistant and opaque white bags assist in keeping the powder fresh and very potent for long. The reseal-able bags are convenient for consumers as well!

The capsules, extracts and tinctures are also packed to maintain freshness and efficacy. The SNB slogan is to provide quality with effectiveness, and it is fulfilled only by providing authentic kratom.

Kate Galleozzie

Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree “Kratom” and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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