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Red, Green, White, and Yellow Colors of Sumatra Kratom Leaves

sumatra-kratom-leavesSumatra is yet another unique and distinct strain of Kratom. It has been given the name based on its land of origin, the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Although the entire Southeast Asia is known as the hub of Kratom, the rain forests of the Sumatra Island provide astonishingly favorable conditions and environment for vegetation. This is why Kratom is grown and cultivated abundantly in Sumatra.

When compared to other varieties of Kratom available in the market, Sumatra is prized for its own distinct properties, especially stimulating and sedating effects. Sumatra Kratom is an effective energy booster and helps significantly in combating anxiety and depression.

Sumatra Kratom is also very beneficial in improving mood and producing the feelings calm and relaxation. It is also an excellent muscle relaxant as well as a painkiller.

These qualities that Sumatra Kratom has is because of the alkaloid content that it contains. These alkaloids interact with the Mu Opioid receptors in the brain and deliver desired results and benefits.

Sumatra Kratom has four strains that include Red Vein, White Vein, Green Vein and Yellow Vein Sumatra Kratom.

This article discusses the properties, characteristics, and effects of these various strains of Sumatra Kratom. Let’s find out what Sumatra Kratom and its variety is all about.

  1. The Red Vein Sumatra Kratom

This is the type of Sumatra Kratom in which the leaves of the plant bear red colored veins and stem. The red color of the veins in the leaves is brought about because of the difference in climate and environment where the plant typically grows. The habitat also affects the alkaloid content in each type of plant and this is what produces different hues in the veins and stems of various varieties of Kratom.

Usually, the Kratom with red color leaves is known for their soothing and relaxing effects. Although there is a variety of few red strains that are powerful stimulants majority of them are known for soothing effects.

Same is the case with Red Vein Sumatra. This amazing strain of Sumatra with red leaves is very beneficial for improving one’s mood and delivering the effects of relaxation and calm.

Red Vein Sumatra releases stress and anxiety and helps the users to overcome depression. It is an effective natural remedy to relax mind and body.

A lot of people also use Red vein Sumatra to combat insomnia. It helps to soothe their nerves and enables them to sleep peacefully at night.

Other benefits of red vein Sumatra include pain relief and sedation.

  1. The White Vein Sumatra Kratom

white sumatra kratomThis is the type of strain in which the leaves of the plant have transparent or whitish veins, thus giving it the name White Vein Sumatra. The white vein strains of Kratom are considered to have energizing and mood-lifting properties. White vein Sumatra is also not very different from other white strains of Kratom.

White vein Sumatra is a popular energizing herb which can be used in place of coffee to get similar benefits. It boosts energy levels, promotes alertness and wakefulness. White Sumatra Kratom is an effective natural supplement to cure low energy levels and fatigue.

White vein Sumatra is also credited for improving concentration levels and increasing motivation in users. It is also useful for relieving anxiety and depression.

  1. The Green Vein Sumatra Kratom

The green vein Sumatra, as the name suggests, has leaves with green colored veins and stems. This is one of the most popular strains of Kratom for its sublime effects. It properties lie somewhere between those of Red strains and white strains.

Green vein Sumatra is mild in its action and does not deliver extreme effects. For instance, green vein Sumatra is a stimulant and causes wakefulness and alertness in individuals but it does not cause extreme stimulation of the brain.

Since it is a mild strain, it does help in relieving pain and inducing sedation but to a very less extent. People who are suffering from chronic and acute pain may not find green vein Sumatra very beneficial analgesic.

However, this strain of Sumatra Kratom is still used by many people to get overcome stress and anxiety. It is often used as a natural remedy, as an alternative to pharmaceutical products, to deal mild headaches and pains in daily routine.

  1. The Yellow Vein Sumatra Kratom

Yellow colored leaves are considered the rarest type of Kratom strains. The yellow strains of Kratom are unique and uncommon. This is because this pale variety of Kratom is produced through artificial processes under special conditions. So people might not be able to find yellow Sumatra naturally on trees, even on the Sumatra Island.

The botanist and experts infuse into the natural Kratom, flavonoids and other bioactive compounds like Epicatechin, Mitraciliatine, Isospeciofoline, Mitrafoline, Speciociliatine, and Paynantheine to blend with the natural alkaloid content of the plant. This brings about the yellow coloration of the veins and stems of the leaves in this specific strain of Sumatra Kratom.

The astonishing yellow hues in the leaves of yellow vein Sumatra give this strain some very special qualities. The Yellow Sumatra Kratom is potent than any other strains of Kratom such as the red, green and white vein kratom. Even in small doses, the Yellow Sumatra can produce strong effects.

Yellow Sumatra is popular for its stimulatory and energizing effects. It boosts energy levels and helps users stay active and upbeat. It helps in improving their focus and concentration levels.

Yellow Sumatra is also useful for lifting mood and producing positive thoughts and feelings. It produces feelings of joys and merriment in users and helps people to get relief from anxiety. Calm and relaxation can also be achieved by using yellow Sumatra Kratom.

When taken in high doses, yellow Sumatra is capable of producing euphoric effects. But the high and euphoria caused by this strain of Sumatra Kratom are controllable as compared to other strains, and the effects do not take a lot of time to wear off. So yes, yellow Sumatra can be used as a safer recreational drug on occasions.

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