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10 Reasons to Choose Kratom Capsules

When you buy kratom, there are many things to consider like the kind of strain, the colour of the vein and then the dosage that should be right for you. Another question that new users often have, “should I choose kratom capsules or powder?”

You can research about the effects of different types of kratom to decide which one suits your needs. You can even understand the initial dosage for every variation, but then the choice of kratom capsule or powder remains.

Kratom capsules are pure and fresh kratom powder encapsulated in various types of capsule shells. These include simple gelatin capsules, non-GMO capsules and vegan capsules that are made with plant cellulose. The empty gelatin capsules contain high-quality beef gelatin, which is natural and the other types of capsules are also made with natural substances. Kratom powder is filled in the capsules according to different dosage requirements.

Here we can discuss what a better way to consume kratom, (powder or capsule) is? Following are a few reasons why to choose Kratom capsules before you make a choice!

#1 – Kratom capsules contain fresh kratom

The capsule is a covering over small amounts of kratom powder, due to which it does not become moist. Moisture makes kratom powder lose its efficacy as it may produce fungal growth and spoil your monthly kratom fix. The powder is packed in vacuum sealed bags with silica gel lining to avoid moisture but even then, once you open the bag freshness is compromised!

You can store the contents of the bag in a jar, but that does not ensure that kratom powder will remain fresh until the end of your supply. When kratom is sealed inside a capsule, and they are stored in a lock-cap bottle, the botanical substance remains pure and competent until the end!

#2 – Kratom capsules are easy way to measure dosage

What do you think is better? Measuring kratom powder every single day to make sure that you take the right dosage or just popping a capsule into your mouth and swallowing it with plain water? Well, the answer is quite simple! Capsules are an easy way to ensure that you take the same dosage every time.

One can measure slightly different amounts of kratom powder despite using measuring spoons. Sometimes you will scoop out a heaped teaspoon and sometimes it will be a levelled one. This way, the amount of kratom consumed varies and may not bring about the desirable effects.

When buying kratom, you must keep a few factors in mind, such as the strain origin, vein colour and impact of that particular powder on your health. However, another factor that determines our final choice of product is whether the kratom powder is fresh, easy to use and effective. Capsules ensure all of these aspects by maintaining the freshness and dosage uniform.

#3 – Convenience

The plastic bottles for capsules are a lot easier to keep with you than a bag with a zip-lock! The different online shops and kratom vendors offer capsules in monthly packs, which means you can get a whole month’s supply in a single jar of capsules! On the contrary, the zip-lock bag is not very travel-friendly or easy to carry with you! This simple convenience of keeping a bottle with measured capsules is a lot easier than the bag of kratom powder!

#4 – No taste but still useful!

If you ever found kratom powder bitter or unpleasant to gulp down, the capsule is the way to go! Consuming kratom powder is a difficult task because it has a strong taste. Apart from that, it is always hard to swallow a spoonful of powder with water. It often gets stuck and may cause a slightly hoarse throat. If you opt for tea, the taste can be a bigger problem! The capsules, on the other hand, are a perfect option since you will not have to taste any bitter powder and still avail the goodness of kratom!

#5 – Kratom capsules can be prepared at home

If you are a ‘do it yourself’ person, you can choose the capsule shells. It can be a vegan version or a Non-GMO capsule shell or pure gelatin capsules. The size of the capsules can also be according to your choice and dosage options.

People often want vegan or Non-GMO capsule shells. Therefore you can consider making your monthly supply a little more precise!

#6 – Fresh and free of contamination!

When you buy a bag of kratom powder, it is bound to remain open for a certain period, and no matter how careful you are, it will be exposed to air. This exposure leads to various contaminants that can spoil the efficacy of the kratom powder.

Some kratom strains get, and due to the colour of the powder, you might not notice it at first glance. You can avoid this kind of contamination by getting capsules.

Inside a capsule, the aroma, as well as the fresh kratom, remains safe from contaminants in the air. You can enjoy real kratom effects for a more extended period! So, in a nutshell…I mean, in a capsule, kratom is safer!

#7 – No mess!

Imagine yourself putting a spoon inside the kratom powder bag and pulling it out full. There has to be some spill and some shake and of course some loss of precious organic goodness!

If you want to use every bit of your kratom, the capsule is the easiest and cleanest way to go! We recommend capsules not only because it’s more comfortable but also because it ensures no loss while scooping out spoons of a jar or bag can result in an excessive dosage that comes with some mess.

#8 – Kratom powder and extract choice

You can conveniently find a capsule of kratom full spectrum extract as well! Now you can double the potency and keep an exact dosage without a lot of hassle! Full spectrum kratom is more potent and full of terpenes and alkaloids that help improve health.

Nowadays, finding full spectrum kratom capsules is not a tough task anymore, and they offer a lot of benefits without an aftertaste! You can avoid tasting bitter extract by taking a capsule according to the recommended daily dosage.

#9 – Capsules are easy to store and handle

If you have to travel or move around, a bottle of capsules is much easier to carry than a bag of kratom powder! You might find it handy and then there are so many other benefits like easy storage and

#10 – Availability

There are several online shops where capsules and kratom powders are available in different dosage packages. You need to find the most reliable one as the FDA does not regulate kratom.

Due to lack of regulation, substandard or low-grade kratom capsules can make their way to shops. We always recommend new users to look for reliable and trustworthy sources of kratom.

You can read reviews or get in touch with the users of an online shop to see how their experience was.

Here is a list of kratom shops that may come in handy when you want to repurchase the organic supplement!

  • Purkratom
  • Ketum Superior
  • Krabot
  • Herbal Realm
  • Cali Botanicals

All the brands mentioned above have authentic, fresh, and lab tested kratom filled in capsules of different dosage sizes. You can choose the strains of your choice and start your journey towards better health and a pain-free daily routine!

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