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Kratom Prices Online and In-Store: Dissecting the Differences

When it comes to healing, holistic alternatives to medical conditions like stress, anxiety, pain and addiction seem to have taken center stage.

Using supplements like CBD, essential oils, and kratom was not very popular half a decade ago, but now they are everywhere. New products are available in-store and online on the daily.

Even if the only research you’ve done is a quick Google search, I am sure you can tell that kratom prices fluctuate between companies. Lack of consistency is very much present in many herbal markets- kratom included.

Two companies may sell the same kratom capsules (from the same manufacturer) at different prices.

Many factors play into a brand’s pricing, but as a consumer, we should have a reliable and consistent source of quality kratom that is affordable.

You’ve got every right to know why kratom priced the way it is. Also, understanding how kratom is priced will give you the insight you need to make an informed decision the next time you go shopping.

Before we get into it, let’s run over a few things briefly.

Kratom Pricing Quick Facts

There are three things you should know about how Kratom makes its way into the U.S market for us to consume.

First off, Indonesia is the leading supplier of Kratom to the U.S. Importing any foreign goods into the country always comes with a hefty price tag.

Secondly, Kratom is shipped into the country in powder form and then manufactured locally into other products like capsules.

Finally, there are a few different types of importers. The different types of importers affect kratom prices. We will dive deeper into the why down below.

Understanding Kratom Prices In-Store VS Online

It’s no secret that purchasing something online seems to be easier on the wallet than purchasing said product in-store.

Whatever shopping platform you choose, holistic supplements like kratom are going to be pricey.

Why? Simple, lack of regulation.

Whenever a market is not accurately regulated, price fluctuations and inconsistencies will always be present.

Some factors contribute to kratom prices in both the in-store and online shops like importation and company size.

Just like an eCommerce store does, a brick and mortar store that sells kratom will have to choose between importing in bulk from overseas or paying a higher price for purchasing kratom from a manufacturer already in the country.

It’s always going to cost more if you’re purchasing a product from a supplier who has already gone through the importation process. That fee will be reflected in the price you pay as a kratom consumer.

What Factors Contribute to Kratom Prices?

While we can’t say for sure what the exact reasons are for kratom prices, there are a few general reasons why.

Clearly, there’s a difference between a mom and pop brand versus a limited company that has significant financial backing. Companies that provide you with batch testing results may be a little more costly to their counterparts (for a good reason).

To sum it up, kratom cost fluctuate from brand to brand because of company practices and policies.

Because the holistic herbal market for kratom is similar to how the wild west was, the consumer will always pay a higher price for consistency and quality when these best practices should be a part of doing business. Plain and simple.

Company Size

Small businesses will most likely buy smaller quantities because they cannot afford to purchase money-saving bulk orders. Meaning, they get a terrible price on raw products, which makes their final product (the one you buy) more expensive.

Both online kratom stores and physical head shops may price their products higher than others because they cannot afford to price it any lower.

A small business will most likely be unable to cover the cost of high labour rates. They are not big enough to reap the benefits of contracting the manufacturing process out.

Quality & Safety

Because there is a severe lack of regulation in the supplement markets for remedies like kratom, some companies choose to shell out a pretty penny for independent lab testing.

Any kratom brand that provides batch testing ID numbers or third-party lab testing is the best choice you can make.

Kratom prices may be a little higher from a brand that willingly submits each batch to testing. If you’re using kratom for health reasons, it’s so important that you know what you’re consuming.

Cost of Carrying Inventory

This next factor mainly impacts the prices of kratom in brick and mortar locations, but online stores aren’t completely ruled out either. 

Carrying inventory comes at a cost. If your local smoke shop carries a variety of kratom supplements, they may be sitting on a fairly large amount of stock sitting in a warehouse just waiting to be sold.

If there’s no market, the company is literally sitting on a goldmine with no way to smelt it into gold. The solution? A company with idle stock waiting to be converted into dollars may have to rely on the products that are physically on the shelves, which means a higher price tag for you.

Payment Processing

For a kratom company to take your money, most of them have a payment processing service in some form or fashion. Processing fees can be charged to the business per transaction, per month, and sometimes through hidden fees.

Brick and mortar stores may opt for cash only sales because of the hefty cost offering customers credit as a method of payment. If your local smoke shop offers credit or debit payment options, they may be factoring that cost into the final retail price of your kratom.

A lot of online stores do not carry copious amounts of inventory, and because they keep their overhead costs down by not having a physical location.

You may see kratom rates are less expensive when shopping online versus in-store, payment options business offer play a role in that price fluctuation.

Why Do Kratom Prices Fluctuate?

The biggest reason for kratom price fluctuation is import costs, or where your supplier is purchasing their stock. There are kratom suppliers that purchase kratom in huge quantities (thousands of kilos) and supply smaller amounts to online stores and local head shops. 

The smaller brick and mortar store or website will spend more money on purchasing kratom before and selling the final product to you. The price you purchase kratom for will consist of what the store had to pay for plus the brand’s own fee.

If you shop online, pay attention to this next reason. Online kratom stores tend to import based on their monthly sales. Meaning, if they have a slow month, their next order will likely be smaller than it was the month prior.

As always, when you purchase a smaller quantity of any product, the cost per use tends to rise.

When you shop locally, you tend to pay more. Kratom prices are higher in local head shops and smoke shops because most tend to import in smaller quantities.

Missing out on bulk pricing, the added cost ends up being paid by you, the customer.

How Much Does Kratom Cost (For Real)?

It depends. I know what an informative answer. If you want to skip all the factors and reasons, on average kratom capsules can cost around $25 online and about double that ($50) in stores. Again, sourcing high-quality kratom and shopping from a reputable online store will play a role in how much you pay.

Although prices fluctuate, products tend to be relatively comparative.

Varying kratom suppliers charge different rates for importing their kratom. If you are shopping online, take some time to visit different kratom vendors as kratom prices and products vary from each brand.


Kratom capsules typically contain 1 gram of kratom. The kratom strain you choose will affect the price you pay. For example, many sells Bali kratom capsules starting at around $15, but Gold Tea kratom is closer to $20 for the same amount of product.


The average price of purchasing kratom powder from most online vendors varies from $13 up to $22 for an ounce. Most strains like Maeng Da Thai, Bali, Sumatra, and Borneo kratom can all be found online. There are also enhanced kratom strains that some brands offer — these strains tend to cost a few more dollars per ounce.


Full-spectrum kratom extracts are generally quite reasonably priced. Kratom tinctures can range from $13 up to $35 depending on the brand, the product, and the ingredients used.

 You truly do get what you pay for. When it comes to using unregulated holistic supplements like kratom, you really need to do some research before you go shopping.

The best kratom suppliers will have third-party lab results as well as batch testing information. This info ensures you are consuming pure kratom without any hazardous compounds.

 Finding a kratom store with ethical business practices and who care about your kratom experience will be your best bet. There are companies like Kratom Krazy who offer 100 grams of pure kratom for only $20.

Final Thoughts: Smart Shopping 101

The best thing you can do before you purchase kratom in-store or online is read and review.

A reliable kratom vendor that consistently provides you with high-quality kratom is not impossible to find, but you must know what to look for.

Because the market is highly unregulated, you need to be your own FDA. If a kratom supplier does not provide lab testing or batch testing results, beware.

You will always pay a premium for purchasing kratom in a local headshop over online because of importation costs, inventory, merchant processing fees, and other business-related overhead.

Kratom prices are not as steep online, but that doesn’t mean to buy from the first vendor with a low price tag. Go for quality over quantity, especially if you are using kratom for health reasons.

 To keep the cost of purchasing kratom low, find a vendor that buys in bulk and has a good relationship with kratom farmers. They do exist.

  • Do you have any tips on keeping kratom prices low?
  • What do you prefer, shopping online or in-store?

Feel free to share your kratom story below or by sending us a message. We love hearing from you! As always, stay lifted!


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