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Is Smoking Kratom Bad for You?

Kratom may be a controversial health supplement, but people who use it say it’s safer than dangerous and addictive alternatives to managing pain.

Kratom is mainly used to treat unwanted physical and mental ailments like stress, anxiety, aches, and swelling.

While there are a few different methods of consuming kratom, we don’t know much about smoking kratom.

Most kratom users typically opt for an oral method of consumption like kratom capsules or powder. Kratom powder can be easily mixed into chocolate milk, orange juice, and even cranberry juice to mask its bitter taste.

Capsules are by far the most convenient method of kratom consumption. They are reliable, discrete, and easy to dose.

But what about smoking kratom? There are not too many people that have gone on the record with their kratom smoking experiences.

Is that because it’s not readily acceptable by the masses? Or could it be because the effects are weaker? Maybe it’s because people simply want to live a healthy life, which smoking clearly has no place in.

Today, we are going to take a look into smoking kratom and if it’s bad for you.

You Can Smoke Kratom

Although reports of smoking or inhaling kratom are quite rare, some people choose this method of consumption. 

Sure, you can smoke ketum, but is it the best way of receiving the many therapeutic benefits that kratom has to offer? That’s the most important question. While kratom can be compared to cannabis in the physical sense, kratom users rarely report smoking the leaf.

In fact, I don’t know a single person who has smoked kratom. Because we have little insight into kratom inhalation, we can only speculate that it may be a more intense method of consumption.

Smoking anything will pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter your bloodstream directly without first travelling through your digestive system. Meaning, you may feel the effects much more rapidly and intensely.

Inaccurate dosing is another reason I would assume Mitragyna inhalation isn’t the most viable method.

Again, only speculating here, but those who are using kratom for pain management would require larger dosage sizes. Smoking a significant amount of kratom in a relatively short time frame doesn’t sound like the wisest idea.

Reasons to Smoke

Honestly, for no reason it would take on average 10 grams of dried kratom leaves smoked to reap the same benefits as taking a single 1 gram kratom capsule.

My mom used to say: “ Common sense isn’t pervasive. It should be called rare sense.” 

People tend to do whatever they want to do regardless of what anyone says.

That being said, there may be a few reasons a person would choose to smoke kratom, but there are zero reasons when consuming kratom capsules or powder are much more effective.

Kratom Smoking Can Negatively Impact Your Life

Weighing the pros and cons of a situation before you make a decision can help you make informed choices. Smoking Mitragyna speciosa is no different.

To save you some time, I’ve listed (what I deem to be) the most important cons of smoking kratom.

Short-term Memory Loss

Just like cannabis, there hasn’t been enough scientific research conducted to say for certain that smoking kratom can lead to memory impairment. 

This study confirms that there is not enough information regarding kratom consumption in general (let alone smoking) and links to cognitive impairment or memory loss.

 However, just because there is a lack of information doesn’t mean that smoking kratom ( or any substance) won’t cause long-term adverse effects down the road.

Increases Risk of Overdose

“Too much of a good thing may be a bad thing.” Overdose is a real issue. For those trying to ditch opioids in favour of kratom, that’s wonderful. 

The success stories of people who are truly helping themselves heal from within with the assistance of kratom are fantastic, but some end up causing more harm than good.

Self-diagnosing and treating any illness: mental, physical, even addictions is a dangerous road to walk on. Quitting prescription medication and replacing it with your own kratom regime without proper monitoring may have discomforting consequences.

May Damage Your Work Life

Using any substances that alter the chemical compounds in your body always comes with a positive sensation. Why else would people drink alcohol, smoke cannabis, or use kratom? People use these substances to feel good.

Unfortunately, if you wire your brain and body to anticipate these substances, you’re not going to feel so hot when you’re not consuming them. This goes for kratom as well.

Let’s say that you’re a blue-collar worker that breaks his/her back daily. You’re aching and in pain every waking moment. But this is your job and how you support yourself. Your doctor prescribes you prescription painkillers, and ‘ lo and behold’ you get hooked.

You’re tired of being addicted to painkillers, and you find kratom. Now, you feel great! Using a natural substance to ease your aches and pains, what could go wrong? Addiction. Withdrawals. They might happen if you rely on kratom.

Possible Risks of Smoking Mitragyna Leaves

Inhaling anything that combusts is not the safest method when it comes to your health. Kratom inhalation may be effective for a brief moment, but the amount you would have to smoke for any lasting health effects will only cause more harm than good.

Like I said before, not enough people have reported their experiences of smoking. We can presume that smoking may cause damage to the beneficial compounds of kratom, cause damage to your lungs, and damage your wallet on an ineffective method of consumption.

Alkaloid Destruction

According to kratom folklore, when you smoke kratom the temperatures get so high they destroy the alkaloids. Alkaloids are what make kratom so beneficial.

Smoking is essentially pointless if you’re burning away all the medicinal compounds.

 You will literally be incinerating the compounds in kratom responsible for its healing benefits.

Smoking is not a standard method of consumption, so there’s no actual evidence all alkaloids will be damaged.

but even if only some are damaged, you wouldn’t be receiving enough to reap the desired effects you’re using kratom for in the first place.

Lead to Health Risks

Smoking anything can create potential health risks — kratom included.

The bad outweighs the good using this method of consumption. Lung cancer is not out of the question when tar forms in your lungs. Combine that with the amount you would have to smoke to feel any effects. It should be a no-brainer. Smoking isn’t your best option.

Inhaling kratom is harmful for you in the sense that it is harder on your body than oral consumption. Chugging back a glass of orange juice or chocolate milk is far more pleasant then hot-boxing your house.


Smoke inhalation is virtually ineffective, especially when you compare it to other methods of consumption. Imagine consuming 10 grams of a premium red or gold kratom strain and feeling nothing.

That’s what kratom inhalation is like. You would have to smoke in such a significant amount of kratom leaves that there’s really no point. You’ll end up with a sore throat before you end up feeling any benefits.

Taking Kratom the Right Way

Originally, kratom leaves were traditionally chewed after drying. Today, leaves can be turned into tea and kratom powder. The powder is then turned into other kratom products like capsules.

Kratom capsules is the most popular method of consumption. Taking ketum capsules ensures you are receiving a reliable, accurate, and effective dose every time.

Capsules are a discreet way to consume kratom, especially if you use different strains for different reasons.

High-quality kratom powder is another common method of consumption. However, if you take kratom powder without mixing it into food or drink, it can taste quite bitter- try it with orange juice.

So, Is Smoking Kratom Bad for You?

Smoking kratom is bad for you — it’s that simple. There is no worst method of consumption than smoking. When you would have to smoke nearly three times as much kratom leaves to feel the same effects as taking a single 1 gram capsule is ridiculously stupid.

The whole point of using holistic therapy is to reduce harm to your body. Quitting opioids, getting off the hard stuff, staying away from synthetic medicines. 

These are the common reasons most people use kratom.

Kratom inhalation is 100% counterproductive when your goal is to live a life in balance. The few people brave enough to share their kratom smoking experiences all say the same thing: it was horrible.

There is nothing fun about inhaling kratom, and most people who have tried it say they won’t do it again. Ever. That’s enough for me to steer clear and stick to capsules.

Have you tried smoking kratom? What are your thoughts? I love hearing from you. Share your kratom journey or your questions down below. As always, stay lifted!


Heather lives with her husband and two children in beautiful British Columbia. Her passion has always been to enhance the lives of others by helping them reach their own personal goals and accomplishments. Content management is her specialty, and writing is what she does best. Her love for helping others lead her to the cannabis scene where she saw an immense gap between patients and medicine that can help them.

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