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Can You Get High from Taking Too Much Kratom?

How much is too much? This question surrounds the alternative health industry – kratom included. While those that use kratom say that you can’t get high and there are no terrible side effects, there is a learning curve when trying new holistic remedies.

Understanding that consuming too much is a real thing. How to deal with it if it occurs, and ways to prevent from taking excessive is essential for new kratom consumers.

For those just beginning their kratom journey, or those that haven’t worked out their ideal dose size, there is potential for overdoing it. Taking too large of a dose can come with some unwanted downsides.

While there are no records of people feeling euphoric or high when they consume Kratom, people who use Mitragyna Speciosa say that the most common downside associated with taking ever so much is something called The Wobbles.

We are going to cover everything you should know about taking too much kratom. From what it feels like to steps you can take to prevent these feelings altogether.

Can You Take Too Much Kratom?

Yes. In short, if you are new to consuming kratom and you don’t know what you’re doing, yes you can potentially take too much ketum.

How will it affect you? That’s tougher to say. Veteran kratom users, I spoke with say that although you can’t get high from kratom (unlike cannabis), you may experience the wobbles if your dose is too large.

If you are going by a generalized kratom guide to finding your dose, kratom users say it is best to start with only 1 teaspoon. Then gradually increase your dose by ¼ of a teaspoon until you begin to feel the desired effects.

The best way to reduce your chances of taking excessively is by starting with a very small dosage size. It is in your best interest to find a reputable kratom vendor and follow the directions described in the packaging.

Kratom capsules are another effective method that can help you reduce your risk of taking extremely large size because each capsule is filled with the right amount of kratom.

A Kratom Dose Too Big: What Does It Feel Like?

We’ve all been there: consuming much coffee and the next thing you know, you’re vibrating, shaking, and sweating. Oh, you haven’t been there? Well, I’ve been there, and it’s not pleasant.

Taking excessive Speciosa is similar. The most commonly reported negative is something called eye wobbles. 

Basically, your eyes have trouble focusing and they feel like they are vibrating. The scientific term is called Nystagmus. Experienced kratom users say that this rarely occurs. But, if it does it is because the person consumed superfluity and too quickly.

People describe taking excessive ketum being the same as consuming too much sugar or caffeine. Unlike cannabis that produces euphoric effects that can leave its users feeling high, kratom does not get you stoned.

Kratom is more like taking an Advil without the adverse and harmful side effects like liver and kidney damage. Kratom is a healthy alternative to prescription and over the counter pain medication. Getting slightly nauseous can be expected if you take too large of a dose, but the feelings do not last long.

What Can I Do If My Dose Was Too Big?

Kratom users say that if you are experiencing the wobbles or feel like you have an upset stomach, the best thing for you to do is get yourself comfortable and ride it out.

While riding it out sounds nostalgic and is filled with woo-woo insight, I wanted to know how I could potentially ride it out if I ever needed to.

The most commonly reported responses were to consume foods like when you have the stomach flu. Eating crackers and drinking water were two pieces of advice that were given by many kratom users.

So, we now that we can ride it out, drink water, and snack on some crackers to help feel a little better, but these tips won’t prevent the wobbles (or other unwanted side effects) from taking place.

From what I can tell, you can only prevent the wobbles from occurring. You can’t react to them. There’s nothing you can do to stop it once it starts. The most important thing I’ve learned was that new or inexperienced kratom users should start low & go slow.

How Long Will the Effects Last?

The wobbles and nausea can last anywhere from five minutes to several hours. It really depends on how much you took. What strain you consumed, as well as your height, weight, and reason for taking kratom.

Depending on the dosage size, feeling uncomfortable or developing the wobbles has an unknown time frame.

The best thing you can do if you’re feeling not-so-great is laying down. Sip some water, and have a couple of saltine crackers. With some time and some patience, you will feel better in no time.

How Do I Prevent Unwanted Side Effects Before They Start?

The best thing you can do to prevent any unwanted side effects like the wobbles is by monitoring your kratom intake and starting with a low dose.

Starting with a small dose and gradually increasing it until you reach your desired effects. It is far more effective than reading a dose chart online and copying that without considering your own body’s needs first.

Take one teaspoon of your favourite kratom strain and gradually increase it by ¼ – ½ teaspoon every hour until you feel like the kratom is effective.

The entire purpose of using kratom is to be healthy and restore body balance. Consuming the smallest dose that provides the effects you need is your ultimate goal.

Final Thoughts

Each tip listed above made it on the list because long-term kratom users gave it. I spoke with people who use kratom, researched forums, and analyzed any relevant scientific data to understand how (and if) to treat any unwanted side effects associated with kratom.

The most common consensus from kratom users is: kratom doesn’t get you high. Kratom helps people feel better without having to use prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Every person will have their own unique experience with kratom because their needs are different. The products they use will vary, and the amount they consume to treat their ailments are also customized.

Starting with a shallow dose is the best way to prevent any type of unwanted effects. A small dose size can be gradually increased until you find your sweet spot. Simply start with a teaspoon of your favourite strain. Gradually increase your dose by ¼ teaspoon each hour until you reach your desired effects.

Kratom in small doses is known to stimulate and uplift. While larger dose sizes tend to come with sedating or body-buzzing effects. Knowing why you’re using kratom and what you’re trying to achieve is vital prior before you begin your kratom journey.

If you have any questions regarding unpleasant side effects, kratom dosage size, or types of kratom products, please drop a comment below so we can get you some answers. And as always, remember to stay lifted!


Heather lives with her husband and two children in beautiful British Columbia. Her passion has always been to enhance the lives of others by helping them reach their own personal goals and accomplishments. Content management is her specialty, and writing is what she does best. Her love for helping others lead her to the cannabis scene where she saw an immense gap between patients and medicine that can help them.


  1. Liz Serich

    Has anyone ever taken less than a teaspoon to start? I’m asking b/c anytime I’ve had to take medication I’m on the lowest dose possible.


    Very best advice to give is to use common sense. A small amount can go a long way, achieving your goal for why you are using Kratom. If the small amount doesn’t accomplish this goal, wait for 3 to 4 hours and try again with an additional small amount. Caution on the red, it seems to be a little harder on your stomach, take more modest amounts.

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