How To Store Kratom

How To Store Kratom Powder & Kratom Tea

Kratom is a natural supplement used for various health concerns such as arthritis pain relief, tranquility, energy boost, and withdrawal of opiates. It works on the human body to improve organ functions, which lead to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The kratom plant has alkaloids, which bring about the positive changes in our body and alleviate pain. It is necessary to buy fresh and potent kratom to see the desired results. When users look for the right kratom powder or capsules for sale, they remain prudent and make the right choice after much research.

However, what if the kratom powder you bought becomes stale or loses its efficacy? Yes! All-natural supplements can go wrong, and then all you will have is a big bag of green powder which will have zero effect on health!
How will you ensure consistent health improvement if the alkaloids in kratom become inactive?

Follow storage steps to maintain efficacy and freshness of any natural supplement. We have counted numerous precautionary measures here and following them can be very useful. This storage method is essential to keep the kratom powder safe, fresh, and free of any contaminants.

Buy Kratom From A Reliable Source

Users often get confused about where to buy the best kratom online. Several brands have kratom for sale in the United States, but which one is the best? You can browse various shops to see if the kratom supplements are lab-tested and from the right source or not.

The best kratom products are always popular due to the user reviews of that particular brand. Since the FDA does not regulate kratom purchase and sale, there are many unreliable kratom stores and smoke shops. You can follow good user reviews and interact with users on social media to select the most potent, effective, and fresh kratom powder and other supplements.

Buy The Right Amount

Usually, kratom online shops and vendors sell kratom in various sizes and weight. According to your consumption, try to buy only the amount you will need in a few weeks or a month.

If you decide to buy in bulk, it may lose its freshness over two to three months! If you are a new user, start with a small bag, and gradually figure out your monthly requirement. Buy the kratom bag that will suffice a whole month’s feed and will not require storage for longer.

Keep Away From Sunlight

Whenever you try to find out how to store kratom for long, it is one of the first instructions to follow: keep the kratom powder away from sunlight. Sunlight is the most abundant source of Vitamin D and also contains antibacterial properties, then how can it reduce the efficacy and potency of kratom?

Sunlight also helps initiate chemical reactions in the botanical substance, which lead to a change in the content of alkaloids. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can break down the components and deactivate alkaloids. Another reason is that sun exposure means heat, and that also changes the chemical composition of kratom powder.

It is better to keep your kratom powder or capsules in the dark, away from the sun and heat because the mitragynine in kratom will form into another chemical compound. The newly formed compound has no positive effect on the body!

Keep It Dry

Kratom is grown in the moist and humid climate, but when it comes to maintaining its effectiveness and potency, a dry and moisture-free. Moisture can cause the formation of algae, or it can also result in chemical reactions to occur.

The H2O can combine with the mitragynine and create another chemical that has no value for health! Keeping away from moisture will also keep your kratom free from any mold or algae build-up. You will be able to enjoy the effects of kratom for a long time if you ensure a dry place for it in your storage place.
If you want to keep it fresh and dry in the freezer or refrigerator, it’s ok because the powder will remain in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight! However, when you need to use the powder, remove it from the freezer or refrigerator and do not open the lid immediately.

Make sure you open the top after it has come to room temperature! This delay in opening the kratom container lid will minimize the risk of any water to form in the jar. Condensation occurs as soon as you take the pot out of the cold freezer, and if you open the lid immediately, moisture will impact the kratom powder negatively.

Use An Air-Tight Jar

This step should be the first thing to follow! Sealing your kratom powder will preserve the goodness in your natural supplement. Any amount of moisture or dampness can have adverse effects on the powder as it forms mold that can produce harmful and sometimes poisonous bacteria! Make sure that your kratom powder is dry and free of any air exposure. Use a zip-lock bag for the powder and place it in an air-tight container.

Store In Smaller Jars

This is an important tip and must be followed! If you buy a 750g bag of kratom, try to split it in three small pots instead of one big one. Why? The kratom powder loses some part of its potency every time you open the jar! Try to keep the smaller jars according to your weekly dosage so that you only open the pot for that period and all of the kratom powder does not get exposed to the atmosphere.

Use Kratom Powder Regularly!

All kratom users must remember the date of buying kratom as it will ensure that you use the older stock before the new one! Many users try storing more than one type of kratom.

For example, you bought Red Bali kratom and then bought White Maeng Da days later.

Try and finish the Red Bali powder earlier so that you can enjoy it while it’s fresh and competent! The longer you store kratom powder, the higher the chances of contamination, moisture, or decomposition of alkaloids.

Moisture Is Your Enemy

Kratom powder or any other natural supplement must be stored to avoid any moisture or dampness from reaching it. Water causes the most damage as it can cause mold build-up, production of bacteria, and reduced efficacy of your kratom powder!

You can store kratom in a dark cabinet in an air-tight jar. You can even store it in the freezer or refrigerator, but you must ensure that exposure to moisture is minimum.

Storage Is The Name Of The Game

All kinds of kratom powders have their properties and should be stored properly to maintain freshness. No matter which type of kratom supplement you use (capsules, tea, powder, or even extracts), it needs to be kept in the dark, and cold place. This storage place is to avoid any environmental factor from reducing the efficacy. How you store your kratom supplement is the real factor that impacts effectiveness, potency, and life of kratom.

Daily Use Care

Whenever you buy the kratom powder and store it properly, you must make sure that you follow the same storage process every time. You might not find kratom useful and fresh if you leave the lid open even a single day. Similarly, if you leave the jar outside in the sun, it may have the same impact.
Every day, remember to keep the jar back in the storage place, after closing the jar tightly.

Tea Is Special

When you have a busy schedule, you may want a short way to brew your kratom tea and enjoy it before you rush out for work. The kratom powder for tea can be kept safe and fresh by following the methods above, but what if there is brewed tea that has to be used later?

You can keep your tea in the refrigerator for up to five days without worrying about its efficacy. Remember to store the kratom tea in a very cold fridge. Turn down the temperature settings so that the tea remains very cold and chemical reactions don’t occur. You must not consume kratom tea if it was in the refrigerator for more than seven days. Kratom can create harmful bacteria that you should avoid.

When you need to reuse the tea, you must boil it on the flame. Try not to use the microwave oven! All those microwaves are not suitable for your health-improving tea. Ensure an air-tight can or an opaque glass jar to store your drink in the cold.

The kind of pot you use to store your tea is essential. There are so many other edibles in the refrigerator that if you don’t tighten the lid, your tea might absorb the odor of different foods! This contamination leads to low efficacy and the stale flavor of the drink.

Keep Your Kratom Tea Free From Odor

It is best to keep your kratom powder or drink away from any strong-smelling fruit or food in the refrigerator. Teas can absorb the scent, and it impacts the efficacy and taste.

A very soothing and stimulating part of kratom tea is the taste and aroma. If you store your tea near any other strong-smelling food that may contaminate or subvert the taste of your smooth cup of tea.

Buy Some Storage Jars And Glasses

The trick to keeping kratom powder and tea fresh is to store it in the right container. Opaque cans with a tight lid, air-tight jars, mason jars with seal and plastic or ceramic vessels are the best choice.

Opaque cans can keep the kratom tea or powder away from light while the tight lids ensure that the flavor and aroma remain intact. When it comes to alkaloids and freshness, it must be ensured that both remain effective. The right jar will keep your kratom powder and liquid away from any atmospheric factors that may contaminate the kratom.

Ways To Increase The Potency Of Kratom Supplements

Every kratom user wants their supplements to last longer. You might want to know how to get more out of your kratom supplement so that it lasts for a more extended period! Many people add potentiators or enhancements that can give the same effect as if you use more kratom powder.

It was believed that kratom powder loses some of its alkaloids when it is added to hot water. However, with time as users tried various ways to consume this natural supplement, it was observed that adding hot water and kratom enhance the effect of alkaloids in the powder! Here’s an easy way to use less kratom powder and get the most out of it.

You can heat a cup of water but avoid boiling and add a little bit of kratom powder. The amount you use daily may be more than the amount that has to go in hot water. As soon as you add the hot water to kratom powder, cover it with a lid so that all the steam remains inside and your tea gets ‘brewed’ properly.

The magic ingredient to increase the potency of the kratom powder is lemon or orange juice. Add a little bit of this juice, and it will make the alkaloids in your kratom tea more active. This activity will allow you to use less powder every day, but enjoy the same strong effect of the botanical supplement.

By brewing your kratom tea with lemon or orange juice, you can use half the dose and get the same magical results! But for you to maintain the economy of your kratom bag, remember to follow our tips for how to store kratom powder!

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