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The three principles that we follow from choosing the best Kratom powder strains, to the harvesting, drying, grinding, and extraction through to the distribution of the final product.

Kratom powder is made by grinding the mature dried leaves of a Kratom tree. Once the leaves are grounded, the powdered form of Kratom is sent to the third party lab testing company to confirm the quality and alkaloids percentage. Depending on the leaves vein colors and origin, the Kratom powder strength varies from strain to strain. Choose from our list of best suitable Kratom powder strains imported from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Supernatual Botanical is a US leading Kratom store where you can buy super pure Kratom products all at fair prices.

  • Green Maeng Da
    Green Maeng Da

    Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder


    Maeng Da is the most potent strain available due to high concentrations of alkaloids. The green Maeng Da is a unique combination of alkaloids that invigorate and stimulate the senses. This botanical supplement is popular due to its positive impacts, and the Super Natural Botanicals ensures you get your fresh treat!

    • Fast-acting
    • Juicy leaves harvested by hand
    • Finely grounded
    • Zip-locked packing for freshness
    • Free of preservatives, additives
    • Purity-Tested
  • red bali kratom
    red bali kratom

    Red Bali Kratom Powder


    Red Bali has highly positive effects on health which is primarily due to the high concentration of alkaloids. Red Bali powder made from the finely ground Kratom leaves harvested by hand. Our experts pick only fresh, juicy, and young leaves along with a portion of stem to gain high concentration of alkaloids. These alkaloids are effective ingredients in Red Bali Kratom plants.

    • Leaves harvested from the deep jungles of Bali Kratom tree
    • Sun dried in well-ventilated area
    • Carefully processed and packaged immediately
    • Every batch is lab tested
    • 100% organic, no chemicals used on leaves
    • No additives, purely red veins alone
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom
    Red Maeng Da Kratom

    Red Maeng Da Powder


    Red Maeng Da is one of the strongest strains of Kratom. It is more potent than the White and Green Maeng Da Kratom. It delivers quick effects that last longer. It is a potent stimulant and painkiller. The best quality of Red Maeng Da is available on Supernatural Botanicals at affordable rates. You can also buy in bulk.

    • High Quality Maeng Da
    • All products are lab tested
    • 100% Pure, contains no additives
    • Fast and reliable shipping
    • Supreme packaging ensuring the contents of the bag remain fresh
  • super-green-malay-1

    Super Green Malay Kratom


    The Malaysian kratom variety is potent and offers a set of alkaloids that have to be kept fresh and viable for users even after processing. Our green Malay kratom has a warm and pleasant aroma that vouches for its quality and freshness. We use the safest and simplest methods to grind kratom leaves to make fine and smooth powders. The packing and delivery are also efficient to ensure that you receive a fresh bag of the green Malay kratom and add to your daily life in positive ways.

  • White Maeng Da
    White Maeng Da

    White Maeng Da Powder


    White Maeng Da is a potent strain of Kratom that is known for producing quick analgesia and stimulation.  This energetic strain belongs to the white-veined leaves of Kratom. Due to artificial selection, this type of Kratom leaves and powder are stronger and they produce unusual effects.

  • red vein indo kratom
    red vein indo kratom

    Red Vein Indo Kratom


    Red Vein Indo is a specialized Mitragyna speciosa strain from Indonesia — the location of each Kratom strain is an indicator of its quality and effects. This variety has a particular type of leaves with prominent red veins.

  • red vein borneo
    red vein borneo

    Red Vein Borneo Kratom


    Red Vein Borneo, one of the most famous Kratom strains, contributes a lot to a healthy life. Deriving from a famous island known as Borneo, it is considered to be exceptional, not only for its features but also for its rich background and because it has a diverse impact.

  • Red Hulu Kapuas
    Red Hulu Kapuas

    Red Hulu Kapuas Powder


    Unlike other strains, this kratom hasn’t been in the limelight, but it must be noted that Red Kapuas powder is as stimulatory as other different strains. It is used to make Kratom herbal tea. It is now exclusively available at the Supernatural Botanical and on sale.

  • red horned kratom
    red horned kratom

    Red Horned Kratom (Premium Powder)


    Red Horned Kratom is a great product from Thailand. It is from the family of one of the rarest strains. The natural pain killing abilities make it valuable to use for research of chronic pain treatment. Some researchers focus on its another high performance anxiety relief ability in treatment of mental illness.

Kratom Capsules

Our premium Kratom pills are encapsulated in a state-of-the-art facility, and from the highest quality, pure Kratom leaves powder. It contains all the essential alkaloids found in Mitragyna speciosa (varies between different strains). No more bitter taste. You can easily measure your daily intake and great to carry while traveling. A large variety of quality Kratom strains imported directly from organic farms. It means you can buy Kratom online of your own choice and not have to rely on a single strain that doesn’t work well for you.

  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


    Alkaloids in Red Maeng Da are considered to be most active as compare to other and it is now most popular strain in the family of kratom. It has unique blend of essential ingredients. Super Natural Botanicals is the name of trust in the whole market of Kratom suppliers. As we are providing the best quality of Kratom products with free shipping nation wide.

    • Each bottle of Red Maeng Da Capsule at supernaturalbotanicals contains 50 capsules.
    • Bottle is of 25 gms.
    • And each capsule contains 500mg of Red Maeng Da powder.
  • White Maeng Da Capsules


    Super Natural Botanicals takes up the mission to provide care with quality. The kratom we use in the capsules is white vein Maeng Da, which grows in Thailand and is shipped to the United States from known farmers. We process the kratom leaves by drying and grinding and then packing it into capsules for users. White Maeng Da is a light-colored due to the central vein color of the plant leaves. However, the effect of this strain is not that light, and we preserve every bit of its freshness and efficacy through careful processing!

    This specific kratom strain also belongs to the Borneo island in Indonesia. And it is the most selling kratom strain on our online store at SNB (supernaturalbotanicals).

    • We offer 00 sizes of capsules which contain 500mg of dosage.
    • Each bottle contains 50 capsules.
    • Each capsule contains 500mg of White Maeng Da powder.
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


    Green Maeng Da Kratom strain known as the most selling kratom strain around the globe due to its magical benefits. As it is the most common and widely known kratom strain the usage of Green Kratom strain is massive than other strains. Usually, people go for kratom powder. But We have Green Maeng Da in capsule form too.

    The Kratom taste is bitter and it is not easy to digest directly. So it is used with juices like orange and grapefruit juice. Capsules are the best option to take kratom easily without spoiling the taste of your mouth. By having the powder you need to have a proper scale and a scoop to measure the right dosage of kratom powder.

    But in capsules, you do not need such kind of hassle. You got properly measured capsules of 500 mg each. You simply take these with water. Each bottle of Green Maeng Da Contains 25 grams.

    • There are 50 capsules in each bottle.
    • And each capsule contains 500 mg of kratom powder.
    • Also, you may enjoy free shipping via USPS in the USA.
  • Red Bali Kratom Capsules


    Our Premium Red Bali kratom capsules are one of a kind! Quality, potency, and energy are all packed together in our unique and safe capsules. Red Bali kratom is darker in color and has a strong aroma. It is due to this aroma and bitter taste that people prefer taking their daily kratom in a capsule. We have chosen the best capsule shells to hold the goodness of nature.

  • Super Kratom Tablets (50ct)


    Upholding the mission of providing quality, innovation, and care, Super Natural Botanicals introduces a new form of kratom! The kratom tablets are the best way to go since they are easy to consume and are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than other forms of the botanical substance. Users have welcomed the new kratom supplement for sale, and you can check some happy reviews! We strive to think of new ways to improve your health. This concern and motto is why we have brought the new Super Natural Botanical kratom tablets! These tablets are now gaining popularity as the best kratom tablets available online!

    • 750mg/tablet
    • Available in 6 strains
  • Indo White Vein Capsules


    In the United States, kratom created a wave of excitement as it works to improve health (not approved by FDA yet). We bring the best white Indo pills made using natural tree leaves so you can avail the maximum benefits of this ancient plant.

    If you are looking to buy white Indo Kratom capsules for research on the therapeutic uses then buying in capsules form are great. White Indo in capsules form will let the researchers protect the Kratom active ingredients from oxygen and light. Furthermore, the Kratom capsules are much more portable which can easily be shipped in a bottle without any mess.

  • Red Borneo Kratom Capsules


    The Super Natural Botanicals tests all the kratom imported from the Kalimantan region.

    Only the best kratom plants are used for grinding. The powder form of Borneo kratom is used for capsules or sale as loose powder. The red vein Borneo is a potent strain, and our dosage of 500mg in each capsule is sufficient for every user! Each bottle contains 50 capsules.

  • White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules


    At Super Natural Botanicals, we strive to bring you a wide variety of kratom strains without compromising on quality. The Borneo kratom capsules are an excellent choice for people who want to benefit from the natural substance and improve their health. The tropical climate of Borneo favors kratom production, and it is known as one of the more potent plants.

    • We are offering 00 sizes of capsules which contain 500mg inside each capsule
    • Each bottle of White Vein Borneo contains 50 capsules.
    • Total weight of each bottle is 25 grams.
    •  Non-GMO, Gluten-free
    • Pharmaceutical grade

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